2 Dec 2014

Close your eyes and you will see the City

Illustrations for "Închide ochii și vei vedea Orașul (which translates as "Close Your Eyes and You Will See The Town") by Iordan Chimet, 2014, ASCR Publishing House. "Surreality exists, only people call it reality. By vesting the most modest of realities with the prestige and the charm of fairy tales and poetry, Chimet invites (and compels) us to admit them as situated at an energetic and incantational level by no means inferior to the most delicate fantasies and the least bound reveries of Surrealism." (Nicolae Steinhardt).

1 Jul 2014

Miss Day-after-tomorrow and the game of Time

"Miss Day-after-tomorrow and the game of Time" / "Domnisoara Poimaine si joaca de-a Timpul" published in 2014 at Curtea Veche Publishing House, won the most beautiful book of the year prize at children's book section, at the Romanian National Contest of Book Design. The contest, dedicated to book design, takes into consideration the artistic dimension of the book, as well as the degree of innovation and originality in the editorial concept and general approach of book design.

29 Jun 2014

The World of Stories

The World of Stories, by Ion Vlasiu, 2014, ASCRED Publishing Houses, trilingual edition.

4 Jan 2013