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Tea Tales at Carturesti Bookshop & Teahouse

The drawings are on the wall of Cărturești "Verona", the biggest and the oldest bookshop from the Cărturești bookstore chain (there are 20 Cărturești shops in Romania at the moment)Cărtureşti is in fact more than a bookshop, it is a cultural venue that functions as a bookshop, tea studio, and project space. Here they host over 300 cultural events (from concert, book launches, to exhibitions and other events) per year. The bookstore has a teahouse where one can enjoy browsing through the books as he drinks his tea, accompanied by music in the background. Website:


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I am happy to announce I've finally launched my site:
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Why do Witches fly on brooms? (and other 10 fantastical questions)

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