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Eternal Youth and Life without Death - Romanian Fairytale

A wellknown tragic Romanian fairytale. Part of Vodafone campaign, Save a book! A paper is worth becoming a story book.


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Miss Day-after-tomorrow and the game of Time

"Miss Day-after-tomorrow and the game of Time" / "Domnisoara Poimaine si joaca de-a Timpul", Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2014, won the most beautiful book of the year prize at children's book section, at the  Romanian National Contest of Book Design . The contest, dedicated to book design, takes into consideration the artistic dimension of the book, as well as the degree of innovation and originality in the editorial concept and general approach of book design. The book also won the title of Best children's book of the year, at Ready-to-printing Gala, 2015, an event dedicated to  the excellence in the book industry. "Miss Day-after tomorrow and the game of Time" is also in the selection of White Ravens Books 2015: "The White Ravens label is given to books that deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and litterary style and design."

I've finally launched my site:

I am happy to announce I've finally launched my site: . It's brand new and waiting for visitors :) . Have a look! From now on, I'll be posting mostly there.

Tea Tales at Carturesti Bookshop & Teahouse

The drawings are on the wall of  Cărturești "Verona",  the biggest and the oldest bookshop from the  Cărturești bookstore chain (t here are 20 Cărturești shops in Romania at the moment) .  Cărtureşti   is in fact more than a bookshop, it is a cultural venue that functions as a bookshop, tea studio, and project space.  Here   t hey host over 300 cultural events (from concert, book launches, to exhibitions and other events) per year.  The bookstore has a teahouse where one can enjoy browsing through the books as he drinks his tea, accompanied by music in the background. Website: .